This blog began Thursday, April 28, 2011. This is an outlet. A bulletin board. A research repository. A forum. And a (mostly) free soap box. This blog was opened at the “coming of age”. What age has arrived is open for discussion; open for the taking; open for the shaping.

This is the age (to be trite) of the future.

For those who are aware of the Diamond Ring Effect, perhaps you can see the allegory to the world, culture and time in which we live. To those who are not aware:

The Diamond Ring Effect is a phenomenon that occurs right after (and to lesser effect, right before) a solar eclipse and is visible only within the disc of the total eclipse. The phenomenon is the effect visible as the disc of the moon moves off of the sun, and the sunlight passes the moon’s surface causing a very bright ‘diamond’ on one side with a ‘ring’ of fainter sunlight around the edges of the moon.

A distinctive feature of this phenomenon is the propensity to cause harm to the eyes because of the apparent darkness of the lunar-obscured sun, even though the intensely strong photosphere is still visible. For the science of this phenomenon, see here.

The “Age” referred to above is the age where nearly everything has become relative. A brief look around the world we live in, and it is easy to surmise that the only constant is inconsistency. I do not believe this. I believe that something of substance remains. The age has come where this substance–this mettle–must show through. And it will be brilliant when it does. Thus, the arrival of this age is likely to blind those who have not watched with prudence. They will not see it coming because everything–the only thing–they know is obscurity . They will be blinded by the dark.

Behold. The Diamond Ring Effect. A worthwhile effort of futility. Maybe.

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