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Something wicked this way comes

And so history is made.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011, US Navy Seals entered a home in Pakistan and took down the head of the terrorist snake: Osama bin Laden. If you haven’t, read it here: CBS NBC CNN Fox ABC

First, this is a significant victory. It is a victory because an individual who has and does cause great harm and death to innocent people has been deposed of power to continue his harmful acts. Many will critique ways and means; the end is beneficial to the majority of the peace loving population.

Second and last, Mission accomplished. What is next? Seal Team Six will receive rightful congratulations for a job well done, and will get up the next morning and ask, “where may I serve my country next?” The intelligence agencies will celebrate for a few hours or days, then set to work pouring over the information and pursuing the sources of new and greater threats (presumably) to the nation.

Be grateful for victory. Be vigilant for your country. And get to work on time tomorrow to provide for your family.

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