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Ants in an ant farm.

As I enter the blogosphere–where, as the De-Motivational calendar on my wall says, “Never before have so many said so much about so little to so few”–I am inclined to make an introduction to this inevitable waste of web (maybe).

I have, for many years, read, studied, watched, and learned from the abominable overstimulating monstrosity that is the United Statesian world I live in. And, while I may be entering the social medium of blogging a tad late in the game, I have not failed to hear, copy, form, destroy, propose, and debunk conclusions and observations about this intricate civilization called human existence. It helps to have been to have been to a few different continents and have lived in a non-english speaking country for some time.

In the recent months (or days), however, I have reached the rare tipping point. The point at which i realized that while I had been observing, hearing, etc. etc. I had not been truly seeing. I am, by nature, a skimmer and a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-er. This is why I received a handful of C’s in college but was often thought to be “too smart for that”; why I generally prepared for presentations in the car before the meeting, and why I am, for the most part, a fairly low stress individual. I was acquiring information about the world around me in great detail, dismissing most of it as unnecessary, and moving right on down the page.

This has worked for a quite some time, and will likely continue to work for me in the life I prefer to live. However: the tipping point. I realized, that, while much information is unnecessary per say, it is not unimportant, and therefore should not be dismissed so readily. To compare life to an ant farm on a desk: I would not have considered myself an ant–I wasn’t simply punching my time card and moving the dirt that the pheromones told me to move. I was an outside observer: slightly more analytical and aware of the outside world. But I was still myopic, I would notice that the ants of human existence stored food, laid eggs, fought enemies, dug tunnels etc. I even knew most of the elements of why they did this: food, protection, propagation of their species, and the like. But I did not understand the How of the Why: How did the forces in their world cause them to dig here, store food there, lay eggs over there?

I believe that I understand some people’s motivations for a certain set of actions. But how those motivations feed their actions, and the feedback to the motivations, and the crosses between one group’s actions to another group’s motivations is an arena of psycho-anthropology I had only acknowledged existence of without pursuing to a deeper root level. It is from these more fluid and ambiguous levels that I believe I can then, not merely recognize the ants, but more subtly anticipate their movements and trends. Or, more subtly still, influence them.

Not to say there isn’t a certain aloof appeal to this sort of analysis, but this also greatly appeals to my nature: Give me ALL the data, so I can analyze its every detail, and then dismiss it as unnecessary. Only this time, I want to be able to tell you the data you’re going to bring before you bring it.

This is a worthwhile effort in futility. Some may read this blog; a few may even find it entertaining, humorous, provocative, or better yet, appallingly wrong and worthless. It probably is. But it is here nonetheless. For all to see, and none to see. I believe it the mere fact that it is an outlet makes it successful. Even if only to me. It is, as described in the About section, a research repository, and (limited) public soapbox. I would like to provide evidence of the things I see in our ant farm. I would like you to provide counter evidence and counter opinions.

We are at the dawn of an age. What that age is will be defined by us and will define us. Let’s not be blinded by the darkness that fools us during this diamond ring effect.

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