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Understanding professional efficiency and etiquette in a digital age.

Melissa Bell published an article on her @WashingtonPost blog addressing what she has called “e-Peeves”.

She identifies a variety of practices that are common place in the digital world. Sadly, many of these practices are not merely inefficient, they actually cause more trouble than if they were absent entirely.

Why bring this up? Aside from the shameless chance to thank Ms. Bell for plugging my tweet about my personal distaste for certain electronic communication practices (NEVER send an email without a subject) I also think that the practices she identifies speak to another problem–a deeper problem. The world we live in today tends to take care of us. It just does, therefore why think more than a few steps down the road. To quote my father, we lack attention to detail.

In the admittedly cryptic about section I mentioned that we have to be WATCHING what is happening otherwise we will be blindsided when the world changes under our feet. If our cultural email writing tendency is any indicator, we’re in for a serious spam attack by reality.

Ms. Bell pointed out several things that really need to be thought through a little more before you hit send. Lets keep that attention to the small stuff going through the rest of our work day.


“You have one unread future, don’t blow it”

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